With Friends and Family you can get to know exchange students, new cultures and make international friends for life. Let’s go!

Get to know new cultures and meet new people through Friends and Family programme

The Friends and Family programme is meant for the international students of JAMK and local families. By signing up as a family you can help exchange students to adapt to Finnish culture and their new home town. The families and the students plan when and how they will spend time together e.g. they can go hiking or skiing together or just get together at a dinner every so often, however it suits both of the parties involved.

Family Heikkinen

When we heard about JAMK’s Friend and Family programme, we saw this as a great chance to teach our kids about new cultures.

We’ve already made 3 friends through this programme: two Spanish students and one Mexican. Every one of them wanted to do a bit different things together, which was fine for us. One of them enjoyed having regular meals with us, where she felt like she could ask us anything about our culture. One of them really loved the outdoors and wanted to go hiking and enjoy the nature, so we showed her the best places to go in Jyväskylä. One of the students wanted to cook Mexican food for us - which was amazing! We’ve learned so much from meeting these people, so we’re still in programme. We really recommend it. It’s been great so far!

Why join the fun?

Get to know the culture.

By getting to know exchange students, you also get to know a new culture, which broadens your perspectives.

Meet new people.

The exchange students are often quite social and eager to get to know Finnish people. This is a great way to make international friends.

Broaden your families’ perspectives

Bringing a person from a different culture to your dinner table will be a great way for the whole family to broaden their perspectives. Your children will learn more about foreign cultures and maybe even learn a new language!