Looking for new friends?

We match international students with Finnish families & people. We're promoting cultural awareness and global friendships that can last lifetime!

Get to know Finnish culture with Friends and Family

The Friend programme is for JAMK University of Applied Sciences international students and Finnish families with the aim of helping the students to get to know Finnish culture and way of life through a local friend or family.

The families and the students plan when and how they will spend time together e.g. they can go hiking or skiing together or just get together at a dinner every so often, however it suits both of the parties involved.

The programme is voluntary on both sides. The Friends and family- programme is a great opportunity to make friends for life and broaden your perspectives.

For students

When you first come to Finland, you might feel a little out of place. It’s a new culture and there are so many new things to experience! A few local friends would be great in a situation like this.

You’ll get to know the culture better, you’ll also have people you can ask for help and hang out with. It’s easier to get to know your new home town with locals. Who knows, you might have made new friends for life.

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For families

Families can be very helpful for the exchange students, but they can also learn from them. You get to know new cultures when getting to know people from different cultures, which always broadens your perspective. You can also improve your conversation skills and perhaps even learn a new language!

Exchange students are often eager to try new things, so this is a great chance to work as a guide and friend by showing off the best of Jyväskylä: your favourite places, museums, cafes and spots in nature.

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It's this easy!

1. Fill in the application

We ask you a few simple questions so that the prospect family can get to know you.

2. Wait for a response

After you’ve filled out the application, the family decides if your interests match theirs. If they choose you, you’ll receive an e-mail asking you to accept the match. Once accepted, the family will receive your contact details and you’ll receive theirs.

3. Meet as often as you like!

After you’ve been connected, you’re free to meet as often as you like!

Okay but how does it work?

1. Fill in the application on our website. It’s simple, we promise.

2. We’ll do the connecting work for you. You can just take it easy. Cool, right?

3. We’ll exchange your contact information and you can start spending time with new friends!

It's this easy!

Get to know the culture.

Finnish people are warm, open and sincere, even though they might tell you the exact opposite. Read more about Finns: https://www.visitfinland.com/article/what-are-the-finns-like/

Meet new people.

Getting to know new people is great, especially during student exchange. You get to know a lot of new people at school, like other exchange students, but the best way to get to know the culture is to connect with the Finns.

Get new experiences.

It’s not always easy to settle in a new city and find out about all of its opportunities. With Friends and Family you get new experiences and get to know more about your new home town.